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Our Persian Sargol saffron harvested from premium saffron farms, every thread of Persian saffron gets hand-picked, cut, and separated by professional harvesters. We guarantee that each of our packages contain only the highest quality organic saffron that has no additives, preservatives, chemicals, or artificial coloring.

Our Mission

We pride ourselves in providing only the highest quality natural saffron to our customers. None of our pure Persian saffron packages contain yellow threads or any other part of the flower, unlike other distributors use the entire flower to bulk-up their product.

Every package used to store our highest quality organic saffron keeps each thread fresh, maintaining its color, nutrients, and flavor. We offer the best saffron spice for sale at a lower price compared to any other distributor that sells saffron online. When customers buy saffron from us, they know they’re receiving the best quality Persian saffron that’s tested according to color, aroma, and flavor.


Health Benefits Of Saffron (Kesar, Crocus sativus) For Skin And Health

In addition, the highest quality organic saffron works as a natural appetite suppressant. Making Persian saffron a safe alternative to controlling food cravings when users are trying to lose weight, without having to put harmful weight-loss supplements into their body. Plus, the nutrients found in affron promotes healthy hair,skin and nails that helps users keep up their radiant, youthful appearance. Moreover, Persian saffron makes for a great staple spice in cooking many dishes. People use saffron on everything from soup and stews to deserts like cookies and cakes.

Different Types Of Quality Saffron

Although Organic Saffron comes from only one type of flower, its classified based on the origin that the pure saffron gets harvested from. Some classifications of highest quality organic saffron include Persian saffron, Persian saffron, and Spanish saffron. These highest quality organic saffron classifications also affect the price consumers pay for pure saffron, as its become a rarity in some regions. In fact, 97% of the market consists of Persian saffron or Spanish saffron, making Persian saffron highly sought after and more expensive, due to the lack of high quality organic saffron distributors. Additionally, Persian saffron gets divided into its own four categories based on which part of the plant the Persian Saffron gets harvested from and its quality. The four categories of Persian saffron include:

Sargol Saffron, also known as All-red saffron, has very deep, red threads that are very short in length compared to other categories. The name Sargol means, “Top Of Flower”, referring to the top of the threads that this type of Persian saffron gets derived from.

Super Negin offers rich red threads that are slightly longer than those found in Sargol saffron. It ranks the highest quality organic saffron for potency in aroma and flavor, making it one of the rarest and most expensive forms of Persian saffron.

Negin has the longest threads of the four categories. It has all-red saffron and some yellow or orange threads. Despite the few yellow threads, this type of Persian saffron offers both flavor and purity, and its also considered one of the highest quality organic saffron sub-types.

Poshal’ s the most commonly sold Persian saffron in the market because it offers a quick way for the distributors to increase their profits. This Persian saffron has mostly yellow and orange threads with minimal amounts of red. These yellow threads offer zero benefits.


This is one of the best saffrons that I have purchased in the last 2 years. We were dubious about this offer, merely because we’ve spent four times the money for this much saffron. The real deal!

David R

I was surprised when I received the product. last time I had saffron like this was 10 years ago. This is the real deal!
I’ve ordered twice so far. Quite a good value for the price.

Isabella Parrish

I’ve purchased saffron from many sources over the decades and was extremely impressed by this product. Pure lovely saffron strands. I bought this to add to my cup of tea with lemon and honey and this works well.